Moorestown Trinity Episcopal church

Moorestown/Old Chester Twp., Burlington County, New Jersey



                Enid Ackerman 1887-1975



           E. Catherine Adams died Feb 9th 1923



          Andrew Aitken 1820-1890

          Andrew F. Aitken 1858-1949

          Annie Aitken 1853-1941

          Emilie T.  Aitken wife of Gilbert N. Aitken Sr. 1896-1969

          Esther D. Aitken wife of Andrew F. Aitken 1854-1931

          Freda S. Aitken 1896-1982 (See Richard Aitken)

          Gilbert Aitken 1855-1946

          Gilbert N. Aitken Sr. 1894-1972

          Janet Nairn Aitken wife of Andrew Aitken 1825-1883

          Kate (Catharine) J. Aitken 1864-1959

          Mary Agnes Aitken 1869-1926

          Richard Price Aitken Husband/Wife Plot

                                                Inscription includes:

                                                -Richard P. Aitken 1888-1934

                                                - Freda S. Aitken 1896-1982



                Charles L. Andrews Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE330C]

                                                Inscription includes:

                                                -Charles L. Andrews 1896-1963

                                                -Mary Ewan Andrews 1899-1961



                        E. Hulings Antrim 1886-1969 [NJBMTE359B]

                        Philip C. Antrim New Jersey TEC4 US Army WWII  Nov 7th 1919-March 31st 1966 [NJBMTE358B]



                        Alfred G. Arnold “Father of Carrie A Ferrier” 1828-1892 [NJBMTE302D]



                Ida Newton Atkinson March 12th 1860-Nov 11th 1903 [NJBMTE318B/319B/323B]



                John E. Atwell Jan 28th 1881-March 5th 1881 [NJBMTE309D]

                Mary Ann Atwell Jan 4th 1854-April 22nd 1896 [NJBMTE310D]



                        Caroline W. Beitzel Jan 22nd 1865-March 29th 1941 [NJBMTE321C]

                        Horace C. Beitzel Sept 16th 1867-March 31st 1935 [NJBMTE322C]




                        Eugene C. Benyaurd Family Plot [NJBMTE362B-Eugene/363B-Malvina/364B-Leone/365B-Irene/366B-wide angle]

                                    Photos include:

                                    -Eugene C. Benyaurd 1836-1924

                                    -Irene H. Benyaurd 1862-1952

                                    -Leone E. Benyaurd 1860-1943

                                    -Malvina H. Benyaurd 1837-1925



                        C. Jones Buehler 1903-1979 [NJBMTE208C]

                        Elizabeth B. Beuhler 1914-1965 [NJBMTE208C]



                        Alice H. Beveridge 1921-1978 [NJBMTE364D]



                        James L. Bispham Dec 19th 1833-April 3rd 1918 [NJBMTE196C]



                        Daughter of John and Sallie Boland July 31st 1881-May 1882 [NJBMTE198C]

                        John K. Boland 1856-1947 [NJBMTE197C]

                        Sarah Isaac Boland 1853-1902 [NJBMTE197C]



                        John Borden died July 5th 1882 [NJBMTE391D]

                        John Borden Jr. died June 26th 1892 [NJBMTE391D]

                        Sarah A. wife of John Borden died December 15th 1888 [NJBMTE391D]



                Eliza C. Bradley (wife of James Bradley) 1810-1891 [NJBMTE114A]

                        Emma V. Ellis (nee Bradley/daughter of James and Eliza Bradley/wife of William M. Ellis) 1856-1934 [NJBMTE116A]

                James Bradley (husband of Eliza C. Bradley) 1809-1886 [NJBMTE114A]

                        Malvinia H. Clement (nee Bradley/daughter of James and Eliza Bradley/wife of Risdon Clement) 1947-1935 [NJBMTE115A]

                William E. Bradley (son of James and Eliza Bradley)1840-1873 [NJBMTE114A]



                        Burness Broussard born Dec 17th 1932 died Nov 3rd 1999 [NJBMTE337B]



                        Eliza G. Burdsall wife of Joseph T. Burdsall Sr. Oct 27th 1840-Jan 27th 1915 [NJBMTE183C]

                        Joseph T. Burdsall Jr. Jan 12th 1868 died June 7th 1909 [NJBMTE182C]

                        Joseph . Burdsall Sr. 4th  reg NJ Vols died Dec 7th 1888? [NJBMTE186C]

                        Theodocia Burdsall wife of Wm. Burdsall died July 1st 1846 aged 32 years [NJBMTE184C]



                        Neil Worrall Burwell Feb 24th 1930-Nov 12th 1969 [NJBMTE340C]



                Adelle J. Buzby Dec 29th 1827-Aug 7th 1906 [NJBMTE66A]

                Nathan H. Buzby Oct 8th 1819-March 13th 1881 [NJBMTE65A]

                        William Doughten Buzby Family Plot [NJBMTE240C-Adele/241C-William242C-Georgine/243 & 244C-Clarence/245-wide angle]

                                            Photos include:

                                            -William Doughten Buzby 1859-1941

                                            -Georgine F. Buzby 1864-1938

                                            -Adele M. Buzby 1888-1981

                                            -Clarence D. Buzby June 21st 1884-Oct 12th 1885



                        Charles Carson died May 26th 1905 aged 55 years [NJBMTE409D]

                        James Carson Sr. died May 11th 1892 aged 73 years [NJBMTE411D]

                        Jane wife of James Carson Sr. died Dec 27th 1906 aged 86 years [NJBMTE410D]

                        Margaret wife of Charles Carson died July 15th 1927 aged 80 years [NJBMTE408D]

                        William W. Carson died April 12th 1941 aged 61 years [NJBMTE407D]      



                        Ernest H. Chafe 1900-1996 [NJBMTE359D]

                        Stella S. Chafe 1903-1976 [NJBMTE358D]



                Louisa Chamberlain wife of Theodore Chamberlain Sept 1824-Dec 1896 [NJBMTE342D]

                        Maria Chamberlain born April 1805 (other dates illeg.) [NJBMTE338D]

                        Theodore Chamberlain July 7th 1822-Dec 27th 1897 [NJBMTE341D]

                        William Chamberlain Feb 1794-April 1879 [NJBMTE337D]

                        William Chamberlain M.D. Nov 27th 1851-Dec 15th 1893 [NJBMTE340D]



                Chambers/Magee Family Plot [NJBMTE270C]

                        Harry Chambers Nov 28th 1864-Jan 23rd 1928 [NJBMTE261C]

                        John M. Chambers July 31st 1847-July 17th 1904 [NJBMTE267C]

                        Mary widow of John Chambers May 10th 1818-June 1895 in her 77th year [NJBMTE266C]

                        Mary chambers 1852-1925 [NJBMTE265C]

                        Minnie Chambers May 12th 1866-April 17th 1956 [NJBMTE262C]

                        Samuel Chambers June 15th 1851-Aug 2nd 1912 [NJBMTE265C]



                Margaret Clark (part of the Benyaurd family plot) 1804-1890 [NJBMTE361/366B] 



                M. Summers Clarke May 8th 1848-June 9th 1899 [NJBMTE333C/334C/335C/337C]

                        Rebecca F. Clarke (wife of M. Summers Clarke) born July 16th 1847 [NJBMTE336C]



                George B.L. Clay M.D. Husband/WIfe Stone [NJBMTE367B]

                                            Inscription includes:

                                    -C. Belle T. Clay Aug 4th 1856-March 12th 1935

                                    -George B.L. Clay M.D. Jan 11th 1832-Jan 20th 1898


                        Joseph Clay Husband/Wife Plot [NJBMTE50A-Mary/51A-Joseph/60A-wide angle plot]

                                            Photos include:

                                    -Joseph Clay April 4th 1828-Aug 25th 1888

                                            -Mary F. Clay Sept 6th 1833-Nov 24th 1909



                Jacob B. Clement 1822-1895 [NJBMTE199C]

                        Jane G. Clement 1824-1905 [NJBMTE200C]

                        Malvinia H. Clement 1947-1935 [NJBMTE115A]

                        Mary W. Clement 1852-1929 [NJBMTE201C]

                        Risdon Clement Sept 9th 1847-March 26th 1914 [NJBMTE115A]



                        Henry son of Henry and Rachel Coates 1847-1950 [NJBMTE300C/301C/302C]

                        Henry Coates born in Scarborough Yorkshire England Dec 1805 died Sept 1859 [NJBMTE306C/309C]

                        Rachel Coates born in Scarborough Yorkshire England Oct 4th 1813 died Aug 10th 1910 [NJBMTE306C/310C]



                        William Cold US Frigate Cumberland died July 10th 1877 aged 35 years [NJBMTE231C]



                Florence Stokes Coleman 1889-1964 [NJBMTE370D]



                        Glen F. Collier Jan 19th 1956-June 29th 1975 [NJBMTE339C]



                James M. Conroy Family Stone [NJBMTE343D]

                                        Inscription includes:

                                        -Emma D. Conroy 1898-no date

                                        -James M. Conroy  1897-1970

                                        -Douglas K. Maier "Grandson" 1952-1955



                        Cecilia Cook 1838-1911 [NJBMTE326D]

                        Charles W. Cook 1820-1898 [NJBMTE327D]

                        Harry G. Cook Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE325D]

                                        Inscription includes:

                                        -Harry G. Cook 1859-1929

                                        -Amanda Cook 1865-1954



                        Henrietta Cooper Oct 4th 1853-Nov 21st 1914 [NJBMTE187C]

                        Laura Cooper Wood April 13th 1862-Feb 13th 1931 [NJBMTE188C]



                Earl Roscoe Compton August 3rd 1900-July 21st 1969 [NJBMTE271D]

                        Marion Lamb Compton Oct 8th 1901-March 30th 1993 [NJBMTE270D]



                        Brian T. Conklin June 14th 1964-Dec 30th 1997 [NJBMTE338C]



                Ann Cordingley beloved wife of John Titus Cordingley died March 16th 1842 at Westham Abbey England [NJBMTE295C]

                        Anna Cordingley Wiley March 23rd 1855-Dec 26th 1939 [NJBMTE120A]

                        Ellen Cordingley Attwater daughter of late John Titus and Ann Cordingley died April 9th 1892 [NJBMTE296C]

                        George youngest son of John Titus and Ann Cordingley of London England died November 2nd 1894 [NJBMTE122A]

                        Helen M. Cordingley 1892-1951 [NJBMTE119A]

                        John Titus Cordingley of London England died Sept 26th 1851 [NJBMTE295C]

                        John Titus Cordingley Family Plot (Photo includes: John T., Louisa, Matilda & Ellen Cordingley) [NJBMTE299C]

                        Louisa Cordingley Cromwell daughter of the late John Titus and Ann Cordingley died July 15th 1901 [NJBMTE298C]

                        Mary A. Cordingley 1890-1978 [NJBMTE119A]

                        Matilda daughter of the late John Titus and Ann Cordingley died June 16th 1892 [NJBMTE297C]



Lydia Cresson Janvier May 28th 1854-October 7th 1927 [NJBMTE251D/252D]



                Chas. T.B. Crosin Feb 7th 1884-April 1st 1885 [NJBMTE306D]

                        David Crosin Jan 1st 1822-Nov 7th 1893 [NJBMTE307D]

                        John C. Crosin March 15th 1852-May 8th 1917 [NJBMTE305D]

                        Mary Ann Crosin Sr. Oct 16th 1820-Aug 29th 1882 [NJBMTE308D]

                        Sallie Barnard Crosin Oct 4th 1851-April 2nd 1934 [NJBMTE304D]



                        Judith Norwood Davies 1948-2001 [NJBMTE275D]



                        Willie son of W.K. and R.A. Dawson born Feb 4th 1885 [NJBMTE317C]



                Howard A. Derlin Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE246C]

                                        Inscription includes:

                                        -Howard A. Derlin 1896-1956

                                        -Marjorie A. Derlin 1899-1991


de Rochbrune

                Anna F. wife of Walter Souder April 30th 1843-Nov 14th 1870 [NJBMTE24A/25A]

                        Mary de Rochbrune 1840-1924 [NJBMTE27A]

                Sarah S. de Rochbrune June 10th 1817-March 23rd 1892 [NJBMTE23A]

                        William de Rochbrune April 11th 1813-April 11th 1845 [NJBMTE22A]



                        George Dickson born May 25th 1849 died April 6th 1909 [NJBMTE346C/347C]



                        Arnold  Dix 1896-1915 [NJBMTE280C]

                        Howard Arnold Dix Oct 16th 1866 died Dec 23rd 1904 [NJBMTE281C]



                Philip A. Doremus Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE52A]

                                        Inscription includes:

                                        -Philip A. Doremus 1903-1981

                                        -Willamina A. Doremus 1898-1993



Adele Alexine Doughten (no dates on stone) [NJBMTE97A/98A]

                        Adelle J. Buzby Dec 29th 1827-Aug 7th 1906 [NJBMTE66A]

                        Anna D. Doughten Feb 1855-Jan 1883 [NJBMTE339B/343B]

                        Anna M. Doughten 1837-1909 [NJBMTE177A]

                        Ann K. Doughten  April 6th 1814-Dec 19th 1902 [NJBMTE67A]

                        Caroline S. Doughten April 10th 1823-April 26th 1909 [NJBMTE68A]

                        Emma S. Doughten June 25th 1844-March 28th 1906 [NJBMTE316B]

                        George F. Doughten Nov 29th 1809-March 28th 1891 [NJBMTE314B]

                        Henrietta M. Doughten April 10th 1823-June 17th 1914 [NJBMTE69A]

                        Henry W. Doughton Nov 28th 1840 died Dec 10th 1907 [NJBMTE340B/343B]

                        Henry W. Doughton Jr. Oct 16th 1885-Aug 18th 1954 [NJBMTE342B/343B]

Louise Chamberlain Doughten wife of Henry W. Doughton Jr. July 31st 1859-Jan 14th 1944 [NJBMTE341B/343B]

Susan Assheton Doughten May 11th 1806 died Jan 5th 1881 [NJBMTE315B]

                        William Doughten (stone illeg.) [NJBMTE64A]

                        William Doughten 1825-1914 [NJBMTE177A]



                John Albert Drain Family Stone [NJBMTE331C]

                                        Inscription includes:

                                        -Florence Harrison Drain 1875-1951

                                        -John Albert Drain 1876-1954

                                        -Mildred D(rain) Hillman 1903-1990



                Ella A. Edwards 1848-1903 [NJBMTE354C]

                        Emma B. Edwards 1876-1901 [NJBMTE352C]

                        J. Lewis Edwards Co I 38th Regt PA Vols 1844-1911 [NJBMTE353C]



                William M. Ellis Husband/Wife Stone

                                        Inscription includes:

                                        -Emma V. Ellis 1856-1934

                                        -William M. Ellis 1855-1924



                        Ellen Stockston Evans died Dec 7th 1882 [NJBMTE222D]



                George Upton Favorite Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE299D]

                                        Inscription includes:

                                        -George Upton Favorite Sept 20th 1917-Aug 26th 2000

                                        -Miriam McGarey Favorite July 25th 1924-Jan 18th 1998



                        Mary V. Harris Ferrari Oct 1848-June 1935 [NJBMTE156A]



                        Ella L. Forker Dec 8th 1861-Sept 17th 1923 "Erected by her daughter, Helen" [NJBMTE247C]



                Joseph Foster May 29th 1830-Dec 1908 [NJBMTE234C/235C]

                        Mark S. Foster 1852-March 9th 1860 [NJBMTE232C]

                        Sarah S. Foster Dec 1826 died May 6th 1902 [NJBMTE233C]



                        Edward son of John and Susannah Fowell (dates illeg.) [NJBMTE160A]

                        John Fowell (dates illeg.) [NJBMTE162A/163A]

                        Susannah Fowell wife of John Fowell (dates illeg.) [NJBMTE162A/164A]



                Walter S. Fowler Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE292D]

                                        Inscription includes:

                                        -Margaret W. Fowler Feb 24th 1909-Dec 29th 1995

                                        -Walter S. Fowler Feb 13th 1904-May 26th 1999



                        Hannah S. Frazee (dates illeg.) [NJBMTE181C]



Ann Hollinshead Aug 14th 1781-March 14th 1849 [NJBMTE79A]

                        Atlantic French Page Sept 21st 1791  died March 13th 1869 [NJBMTE374B/377B]

                        Benjamin S. French June 24th 1838-Dec 30th 1869 [NJBMTE174A/176A]

                Charles French 1753-1834 [NJBMTE75A/76A] 

                        Christianna French Nov 12th 1897 aged 103 years 3 months and 12 days [NJBMTE35A]                                                                                                                          

                        Deborah H. French Aug 29th 1822-Nov 24th 1865 [NJBMTE90A]

                        Edward French Jan 13th 1806-Aug 3rd 1871 [NJBMTE175A/176A]

                        Elizabeth French 1794-1854 [NJBMTE80A/81A]

                        Elizabeth French Wills April 4th 1825-June 6th 1896 [NJBMTE94A]

                        Joseph French 1786-1830 [NJBMTE86A/87A]

                        Judith M. French died March 1st 1865 in her 55th year [NJBMTE173A/176A] 

                        Lizzie W. French died June 25th 1863 in her 22 year [NJBMTE172A/176A]

                        Mary Ann French Jan 23rd 1820-April 19th 1883 [NJBMTE93A]

                        Mary French 1793-1841 [NJBMTE88A/89A]

                        Sabilla French 1757-1845 [NJBMTE77A/78A]

                        Sabilla French Jr. Sept 19th 1880 [NJBMTE83A/84A]                        

                        Sabilla S. French Sept 16th 1817-Aug 26th 1877 [NJBMTE90A/92A]

                        Sarah French died Oct 2nd 1854 [NJBMTE82A/83A]                        



                Edward R. Gorman 1935-1972 [NJBMTE248D]



                        Victoria A. Green 1950-1968 [NJBMTE351D]



                        Cora W. Greenwood 1898-1983 [NJBMTE390D]



                        Annie B. Grooms Jan 17th 1841-Jan 1st 1916 [NJBMTE117A]

                        Elizabeth W. Groom Sept 9th 1842-Sept 5th 1900 [NJBMTE117A]

                Esther A. Groom April 14th 1814 died Oct 24th 1887 [NJBMTE368B]

                        John Groom (dates on stone illeg./died 1840s)  [NJBMTE369B]                           



                        Eunice Guerra 1911-1998 [NJBMTE273D]

                        Fernando Guerra 1899-1993 [NJBMTE273D]



                Alexander M. Haff Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE226B]

                                        Inscription includes:

                                        -Alexander M. Haff 1903-1977 [NJBMTE336B]

                                        -Esther E. Haff 1906-1988 [NJBMTE336B]



                Helen R. Hagen Dec 13th 1878-Oct 30th 1941 [NJBMTE319B/328B/327B]



                Alice Janvier Haines Sept 21st 1886-Jan 25th 1937 [NJBMTE365D]

                Elizabeth Haines 12th Mo. 28th 1799-1st Mo. 5th 1890 aged 91 years & 7 days[NJBMTE358C/360C]

                        Evelyn Haines Sgt US Army WWII 1917-1991 [NJBMTE319D]

                J(ohn) Courtland Haines 1805-1879 [NJBMTE361C]

                        Mary W. Haines Aug 16th 1806-Oct 20th 1855 [NJBMTE359C/360C]

                        Richard I. Haines June 13th 1910-Aug 10th 1977 [NJBMTE320D]

                        Thomas C. Haines April 4th 1845-May 8th 1845 [NJBMTE39A/40A]

                        Victoria Haines Sept 17th 1838-May 9th 1845 [NJBMTE38A/40A]

                        William H. Haines Jr. born 3-1-1885 died 1-26-1941 [NJBMTE366D]



                Lorenz Peter Hansen Family Stone [NJBMTE249C]

                                        Inscription includes:

                                        -Christian Peter Hansen 1836-1903

                                        -Helene Marie Hansen 1824-1906

                                        -Lorenz Peter Hansen 1821-1895

                                        -Lorenzo Montroville Hansen 1859-1927



                Gordon F. Harper Family Stone [NJBMTE237C-wide angle/238C-detail]

                                        Inscription includes:

                                -Gordon F. Harper 1922-1987

                                        -James M. Harper 1925-1973   


                        Loulie M. Harper 1889-1977 [NJBMTE237C]



                        Edward Harris who departed this life on the 2ND day of April in the year of our Lord 1822

Aged 67 years 6 months and 16 days [NJBMTE141A]

                        Edward Harris Jr. Sept 7th 1799-June 8th 1863 [NJBMTE145A/146A]

                        Edward Harris III Sept 17TH 185-April 10TH 1921 [NJBMTE148A]

                        Ellen D. Venable Harris Feb 19th 1850-Dec 2nd 1930 [NJBMTE148A]

                        Jane Harris (stone nearly illeg. /died 1810?) [NJBMTE142A]

                        Mary C. Harris born Nov 3rd 1823 died San Remo, Italy Dec 14th 1898 [NJBMTE145A/147A]

                        Mary G. Harris Nov 8th 1883-Nov 11th 1935 [NJBMTE149A]

                        Mary R. Harris 1897-1998 [NJBMTE334B]

                        Mary V. Harris Ferrari Oct 1848 died June 1935 [NJBMTE156A]

                        Rebecca Turner (dates nearly illeg./died 185-?) [NJBMTE143A]

                        Robert S. Harris 1899-1981 [NJBMTE334B]



                        Samuel C. Hart Co. C. 23rd Penna Vols July 22nd 1832-Feb 12th 1889 [NJBMTE263C]



                        Gertrude V. Harvey Nov 27th 1896-Sept 28th 1966 [NJBMTE212C]

                        Peter G. Harvey born London England Oct 6th 1920 died Oct 3rd 1968 [NJBMTE319C]



                Amelia Priestly Hastings Born in Belfast Ireland Jan 2nd 1815 Died in Riverton, NJ April 13th 1891 [NJBMTE375D]



                        Charles Heaton June 26th 1831-June 9th 1890 [NJBMTE47A]

                        David Heaton Dec 13th 1802-May 28th 1877 [NJBMTE44A/62A]

                        David L. Heaton son of David and Mary Heaton June 2nd 1836-Sept 23rd 1853 [NJBMTE46A/62A]

                        George W. Heaton Nov 2nd 1841-July 23rd 1922 [NJBMTE48A/61A]

                        Mary Heaton wife of David Heaton Dec 1st 1805-July 25th 1877 [NJBMTE45A/62A]

                        Sarah A. wife of George W. Heaton Nov 29th 1842-March 29th 1921 [NJBMTE49A/61A]



                        Dorothy Hedger 1918-1992 [NJBMTE37A]



                        Poppe Karstens wife of Colef Heinser born in Der Gath Kreis Tondern, Schleswig-Holstein Denmark

Dec 29th 1782 died May 17th 1878 [NJBMTE251C]



                Frederick Paul Henderson Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE317B]

                                        Inscription includes:

                                        -Eva Holland Henderson Dec 8th 1911-March 23rd 1989 [NJBMTE317B]

                                        -Frederick Paul Henderson Oct 24th 1911-April 15th 2001 [NJBMTE317B]



                Albert C. Heulings February 20th 1896 [NJBMTE355D]

                        Albert C. Heulings Jr. son of Albert C. Heulings and Helen S. Weld June 2nd 1878-July 25th 1937 [NJBMTE357D]

                Alice Heulings 1882-1973 [NJBMTE237D/238D]

                        Anna W. Heulings Lippincott June 28th 1875-Feb 16th 1976 [NJBMTE352D]

                        Evelyn Heulings wife of Albert C. Heulings Jr. Nov 26th 1876-Oct 3rd 1936  [NJBMTE357D]

                Harry Heulings (no dates) [NJBMTE233D/238D]

                        Helen S. Weld Heulings wife of Albert C. Heulings Aug 25th 1919 [NJBMTE356D]

                        Isaac W. Heulings M.D. 1848-1922 [NJBMTE236D/238D]

                        Israel W. Heulings September 18th 1891 [NJBMTE235D/238D]

                        Sarah M. wife of Israel W. Heulings July 19th 1889 [NJBMTE234D/238D]

                        SusanW. Heulings June 29th 1897 [NJBMTE232D/238D]



                        Nancy Stokes Hewson 1893-1991 [NJBMTE349D]

                        William Hewson Jr. Feb 19th 1921 [NJBMTE345D]

                        William Hewson M.D. June 5th 1884-Oct 29th 1960 [NJBMTE348D]



                Jenny M. Higbee 1839-1903 [NJBMTE178A]

                        Rev. Daniel Higbee died Aug 16th 1838 [NJBMTE1A/2A/3A]



                Mary widow of Christian M. Hocker who departed this life Nov 23rd 1896 [NJBMTE121A]



                        Mary Virginia Holley 1914-1992 [NJBMTE312B]

                        Robert Holley 1915-1967 [NJBMTE312B]



                        Abigail Ann Hollingshead Nov 4th 1817-Aug 20th 1873 [NJBMTE159A/224B]

                        Ann Hollinshead Aug 14th 1781-March 14th 1849 [NJBMTE79A]

                        Horace Hugh Hollingshead (no dates) [NJBMTE158A]



                Hooton Family Plot [NJBMTE132A]

                        Atlantic B. Hooton (no dates) [NJBMTE134A]

                        George H. Hooton (no dates) [NJBMTE138A]

                        Mary Ann W. Hooton(no dates) [NJBMTE135A]

                        Mary M. Hooton (no dates) [NJBMTE140A]

                        Mary Hooton Stokes Feb 12th 1881-Dec 19th 1955 [NJBMTE133A]

                        William A. Hooton (no dates) [NJBMTE139A]



                Hazel Agnes Hopkins 1895-1944 [NJBMTE327C]

                John Irick Hopkins 1893-1965 [NJBMTE327C]

                        Margaret Hopkins Palmer 1890-1981 [NJBMTE324C/326C]



                        Harry Hoyle (no dates) [P313NJBMTE]



                Charles F(rench) Hugg (son of Hannah Morgan and Richard Matlack Hugg) died Feb 29th 1903 [NJBMTE311B]

                Florence A. Weld Hugg died Jan 9th 1908 [NJBMTE310B]

Geo. W.  Hugg Lieut. Jan 26th 1843-July 30th 1864 (in New Orleans, Louisiana) [NJBMTE308B]

                Hannah Hugg Jan 18th 1815-Oct 6th 1886 [NJBMTE307B]

                        Jopseph Hugg Dec 27th 1837-Dec 24th 1889 [NJBMTE309B]

                Richard M. Hugg February 8th 1808-August 10th 1877 [NJBMTE306B]



                        Anna T. Hunt “Entered into Rest” July 11th 1960 [NJBMTE290D]

                        George Hunt “Entered into Rest” July 1st 1942 [NJBMTE291D]



                William R. Hynes Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE221D]

                                        Inscription includes:

                                        -Kathryn Haines Hynes 1911-1973 [NJBMTE221D]

                                        -William R. Hynes 1902-1966 [NJBMTE221D]



                Frank B. Jackson departed this life Nov 27th 1901 aged 2 years [NJBMTE316C]

                        George W. Jackson departed this life April 6th 1903 aged 15 years [NJBMTE316C]

                        Jean Elizabeth Armstrong Jackson 1919-2000 [NJBMTE385D]

                        John N. Jackson departed this life march 28th 1890 [NJBMTE316C]

                        Susan L. Jackson 1846-1967 [NJBMTE384D]

                        Walter Barsby Jackson Major US Army 1941-1963 England-France ’43-’45 Korea ’51-’52

1919-2001 [NJBMTE406D]



                        Catharine O. Janvier May 1st 1841-July 19th 1922 [NJBMTE170A]

                        Emma Newbold Janvier wife of Franceis De Haes Janvier April 13th 1811-Dec 23rd 1889 [NJBMTE170A]

                        Eleanor Janvier Aug 8th  1893-Dec 20th 1949 [NJBMTE249D]          

Francis de Haes Janvier Sept 12th 1810-April 30th 1851 [NJBMTE171A]

Francis Herbert Janvier March 22nd 1841-Dec 24th 1908 [NJBMTE253D]

Lydia Cresson Janvier May 28th 1854-October 7th 1927 [NJBMTE251D/252D]

                        Margaret Janvier May 1st 1844-May 1st 1913 [NJBMTE169A]

                        Thomas Allibone Janvier July 16th 1849-June 18th 1913 [NJBMTE170A]



                        Phillip Lee Jefferson Nov 26th 1918-Sept 9th 1985 [NJBMTE8A]



                        Carrie (Caroline) Love Jessup Jan 9th 1875-June 4th 1967 [NJBMTE351B]



                        Charles L. Jeter 1861-1933 [NJBMTE333D]

                        Elizabeth C. Jeter 1871-1946 [NJBMTE332D]



                        Edith A. widow of Samuel Jones Sept 24th 1833-Nov 3 1895 [NJBMTE396B/399B]

                        Francis Holyoake Jones Jan 1st 1969-April 4th 1970 [NJBMTE191C]

                        Hannah Jones departed this life July 1860 in the 76th year of her age [NJBMTE393B/399B]

                        Mary wife of Samuel Jones died February 1865 in her 56th year [NJBMTE398B/399B]

                        Mary Eliza Jones died Sept 23rd 1937 [NJBMTE395B/399B]

                        Samuel Jones 1811-1885 [NJBMTE397B/399B]

                        William Jones (dates illeg.) [NJBMTE392B/399B]



                        Edmund H. Jordan Aug 12th 1887-Jan 27th 1965 [NJBMTE354B]

                        Marietta L. Jordan March 28th 1887-February 25th 1973 [NJBMTE353B]



                        Poppe Karstens wife of Colef Heinser born in Der Gath Kreis Tondern, Schleswig-Holstein Denmark

Dec 29th 1782 died May 17th 1878 [NJBMTE251C]



                        Elizabeth daughter of Horace and Helen Stokes (date obscured & buried) [NJBMTE226C]



                        Edith M. Kilpatrick 1883-1956 [NJBMTE388D]



                        Barbara E. Laessle April 5th 1840-Feb 26th 1912 [NJBMTE250C/259C]



                        Ellen T. Lake Snyder Oct 23rd 1858-March 22nd 1953 [NJBMTE283D]                  



                        Eva H. Lamb May 31st 1861-Feb 23rd 1948 [NJBMTE355B]



                        Daniel Leach Feb 20th 1842 died 1892 Private in Penna CW Vols [NJBMTE210C]



                        Edith H. Lesch 1897-1981 [NJBMTE335B]



                Albert Lippincott son of W.D. & A.W. Lippincott Dec 1900-Aug 1902 [NJBMTE354D]

                Anna W. Heulings Lippincott June 28th 1875-Feb 16th 1976 [NJBMTE352D]

                        Donald Fithian Lippincott Jr. Sept 10th 1920-June 30th 1966 [NJBMTE225C]

                        William D. Lippincott January 5th 1871-February 13th 1944 [NJBMTE353D]



                        Helen Most Livingston 1920-1969 [NJBMTE189C]



                        C. Henry Love July 24th 1839-June 9th 1928 [NJBMTE346B]

                        Joseph R. Love December 28th 1869-June 2nd 1887 [NJBMTE345B]

                        Rebecca E. Love May 28th 1843-April 10th 1915 [NJBMTE344B]



                Benjamin Franklin Lovet Jr. Family Crypt [NJBMTE282C-wide angle/283C-Gary/284C-Benjamin/285C-Jo Helen]

                                        Inscription includes:

                                        -Benjamin Franklin Lovett Jr. July 26th 1919-Oct 2nd 1997

                                        -Gary Poe Lovett April 4th 1954-no other date

                                        -Jo Helen Smith Lovett Jan 12th 1920-March 13th 1993



                        Charles W. Macfarland Feb 25th 1881-Aug 4th 1952 [NJBMTE256C/259C]

                        Elizabeth V. Macfarland Dec 18th 1877-Jan 28th 1965 [NJBMTE255C/257C]



                James Park Macpherson Family Stone [NJBMTE237C]

                                        Inscription includes:

                                        -Elizabeth R. Waters (wife of James Park Macpherson)1854-1937

                                        -Ethelwyn H. Snyder (daughter of Elizabeth Waters and James Park Macpherson) 1881-1971

                                        -James Park Macpherson (husband of Elizabeth R. Waters) 1845-1901

                                        -Leila M. Carr (daughter of Elizabeth Waters and James Park Macpherson) 1887-1954

                                        -Loulie M. Harper (daughter of Elizabeth Waters and James Park Macpherson/

    twin of Mary Macpherson) 1889-1977

                                        -Mary W. Macpherson (daughter of Elizaheth Waters and James Park Macpherson/

                                                    twin of Loulie Macpherson) 1889-1975

                                        -Virginian Evelyn Macpherson (granddaughter of Elizabeth Waters and James Park Macpherson)




                Magee/Chambers/Hart family plot [NJBMTE270C]

                        Arabella widow of John L. Magee Feb 12th 1819-Feb 28th 1892 in her 74th year [NJBMTE264C]

                        Mamie E. daughter of William H. and Mary A. Magee died May 31st 1903 aged 27 years [NJBMTE268C]

                        Tacy D. Magee 1879-1970 [NJBMTE357C]

                        William Magee 104 Reg. PA Vols died Aug 2nd 1912 aged 67 years [NJBMTE312C/311C]



                Douglas K. Maier 1952-1955 [NJBMTE343D]

                Janet C. Maier “Beloved wife and mother” Oct 15th 1930-March 29th 1999 [NJBMTE335D]

                        Louis G. Maier T. Sgt US Army WWII “Father” 1922-1982 [NJBMTE334D]



                        Anna N.  Maule March 18th 1870- June 21st 1958 [NJBMTE128A]

                        Edmund W. Maule Feb 29th 1864 – May 22nd 1942 [NJBMTE127A]

                        Harold R. Maule Oct 13th 1891- Dec 12th 1913 [NJBMTE126A]

                        Isabel M.R. Maule Dec 24th 1863-Sept 20th 1903 [NJBMTE125A]



                        Ella A. Edwards wife of James Lewis Edwards 1848-1903 [NJBMTE354C]

                        Hannah wife of Thomas Maxwell 1821-1914 [NJBMTE355C]

                        Harry B. Maxwell 1855-1911 [NJBMTE331D]

                        Martha A. Maxwell 1820-1913 [NJBMTE323D]

                        Stacy Maxwell 1857-1912 [NJBMTE330D]

                        Thomas H. Maxwell 1822-1894 [NJBMTE356C]

                        William B. Maxwell family monument [NJBMTE321D]

                        William B. Maxwell 1828-1919 [NJBMTE322D]

                        William E.S. Maxwell 1859-1931 [NJBMTE324D]



                Florence Newton McCall Nov 27th 1877-May 15th 1966 [NJBMTE319B/328B/326B]



                        Helen E. McCaughey July 12th 1917-June 9th 1971 [NJBMTE370B]

                        Lester McCaughey Wisc. Sgt 319 Gen Hosp WWII March 22nd 1915-April 16th 1969 [NJBMTE390B]



                        Robert McKay Family Stone [NJBMTE317D]

                                        Inscription includes:

                                        -Harriet C. McKay 1861-1946

                                        -Marielle P. McKay 1889-1966

                                        -Robert McKay “Priest” 1856-1945

                                        -Robert B. McKay (Jr.) “Priest” 1886-1974


                        Robert McKay III Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE318D]

                                        Inscription includes:

                                        -Dorothy Sturges McKay 1913-1991

                                        -Robert McKay III 1913-1993



                        David Mckoy March 16th 1803-Nov 23rd 1844 [NJBMTE4A]

                        Elizabeth Mckoy Feb 21st 1834-March 29th 1917 [NJBMTE6A]

                        John W. Mckoy Aug 19th 1831-Dec 16th 1909 "Son of John and Rachel McKoy" [NJBMTE5A]

                        Rachel McKoy Sept 10th 1810-March 4th 1874 [NJBMTE4A]



                        Samuel E. Merrell died July 31st 1912 in the 29th year of his age [NJBMTE70A]



                        Adele Leroy Mills 1861-1941 [NJBMTE96A]



                Ella A. Moore Aug 7th 1879-Nov 28th 1943 [NJBMTE349C/351C]

                        Herbert W. Moore May 23rd 1880-March 4th 1937 [NJBMTE350C/351C]

                        Joseph L. Moore Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE248C]

                                        Inscription includes:

                                -Joseph L. Moore 1849-1928

                                -Tameson E. Moore 1851-1928



Alice Janvier Morrill Jan 10th 1949-Oct 3rd 1982 [NJBMTE361D]

Ann Haines Morrill Oct 24th 1913-March 28th 1994 [NJBMTE363D]

Justin S. Morrill Aug 26th 1907-Feb 12th 1995 [NJBMTE362D]



                Jenny Higbee Morris born Dec 12th 1871 died April 30th 1949 [NJBMTE277D]

                        Capt. Louis M. Morris U.S. Army June 9th 1837-April 7th 1877 [NJBMTE179A]

                        Lydia Higbee Morris born Aug 9th 1843 died Feb 5th 1931 [NJBMTE278D]

                        Margaret G. Morris June 5th 1887-Feb 16th 1868 [NJBMTE294C]

                        Samuel L. Morris June 9th 1884-Feb 11th 1958 [NJBMTE304C]



                        Helen Joyce Nagle December 12th 1960-December 14th 1960 [NJBMTE349B/350B]

                        John J. Nagle July 30th 1925-June 20th 1990 [NJBMTE347B/350B]

                        John Radcliffe Nagle March 19th 1955-Nov23rd 1958 [NJBMTE348B/350B]



                        Mary S. Neville Nov 4th 1820-Oct 11th 1908 [NJBMTE293D]



                        Susan daughter of William and Mary Newbold born July 3rd 1799 died Feb 23rd 1859 (stone behind bush-

hard to photograph) [NJBMTE167A/168A]



                        Charles C. Newton Oct 9th 1878-Oct 17th 1909 [NJBMTE319B/321B/322B]

                        Ellie Bodine Newtwon May 6th 1860-June 5th 1906 [NJBMTE318B/319B/324B]

                        Isaac H. Newton Oct 7th 1880-Aug 26th 1914 [NJBMTE319B/320B/321B]

Joseph R. Newton Oct 23 1857-March 25th 1931 [NJBMTE318B/319B/325B]

Mahlon W. Newton July 12th 1849-Nov 29th 1925 [NJBMTE318B/319B]

Samuel S. Newton (dates nearly illeg.) born March 25th 1824? [NJBMTE372B]

Sarah A. Newton Aug 1836-April 1881 [NJBMTE371B]



                George Word Nuckols Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE352B]

                                        Inscription includes:

                                        -George Word Nuckols 1910-1984

                                        -Louise Capern Nuckols 1912-1991



                        Thomas L. Ogden 1834-1880 [NJBMTE268D]



                        Anna Orr July 9th 1822-Jan 9th 1901 [NJBMTE130A]

                        Annie S. Orr Aug 15th 1866-Feb 18th  1925 [NJBMTE131A]

                        Charles Orr died July 20th 1896 aged 80 years [NJBMTE129A]

                        Elizabeth S. Orr aged 7 mos. [NJBMTE131A]

                        Martha A. Orr aged 2 mos. [NJBMTE131A]

                        Robert J. Orr May 15th 1851-July 23rd 1928 [NJBMTE131A]

                        Robert W. Orr (no age) [NJBMTE131A]



                        Gilbert Page Family Memorial Stone [NJBMTE274-detail stone bottom/275-detail stone middle/276B-detail stone bottom/377B-wide angle]

                                        Inscriptions include:

                                                        -Atlantic French Page Sept 21st 1791-March 13th 1869 [NJBMTE381B]

                                                        -Charles P. page March 27th 1813-April 27th 1866

                                                        -Edward A. Page 1830-1881

                                                        -Gilbert Page August 7th 1784-July 7th 1862 [NJBMTE380B]

                                                        -Rodney S. Page Feb 1833-Oct 1834

                                                        -Sabilla A. Page Feb 1823 died Feb 1825

                                                        -William H. Page  1818-1824


                        Sarah Page died Oct 23rd 1847 in her 20th year [NJBMTE378B]



                        Edmond Winthrop Palmer “Priest” 1886-1965 [NJBMTE325C/326C]

                        Margaret Hopkins Palmer 1890-1981 [NJBMTE324C/326C]



                        Caleb Franklin Peirce 1845-1916 [NJBMTE329D]

                        Sarah V. Maxwell Peirce 1849-1916 [NJBMTE328D]



                Frank Popiez Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE260C]

                                        Inscriptions include:

                                        -Antonie Popiez 1866-1939

                                        -Frank Popiez 1872-1959



                        Anna J. Price 1848-1923 [NJBMTE331B]



                        John E. Quinn Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE190C]

                                       Inscriptions include:               

                                        -John E. Quinn 1920-1998

                                        -Lorraine J. Quinn 1923-1971



                        Sarah S. Raymond 1839-1903 [NJBMTE360B/366B]



                Andrew Reynolds (no dates) [NJBMTE275C]

                Esther Reynolds daughter of Jane and J. Reynolds born Aug 31st 1853 died Feb 13th  1878 [NJBMTE274C/278C]

                        Jane Reynolds (no dates) [NJBMTE276C]

                Jane Reynolds wife of J. Reynolds died Dec 15th 1867 aged 52 years [NJBMTE273C/278C]

                        John Reynolds July 12th 1820-April 23rd 1908 [NJBMTE277C]

                        Reynolds family plot [NJBMTE278C/279C]

                William Reynolds died 1852 aged 76 years [NJBMTE272C/278C]



                        Geo. C. Risdon born 1799? died 1856? (difficult to read) [NJBMTE382B]

                        George Risdon died Feb 12th 1891 [NJBMTE383B]



                Anna L. Robinson 1837-1890 [NJBMTE386D]

                        Eli E. Robinson 1836-1896 Co. E 4th Regt NJ Vols [NJBMTE288D]

                        Harriet T. Turner Robinson1845-1927 [NJBMTE289D]

                        Margaret E. Robinson 1858-1949 [NJBMTE389D]

                        Thomas H. Robinson 1855-1897 [NJBMTE387D]



                        Edwin Rogers 1833-1919 [NJBMTE239D]

                        Elizabeth M. wife of Edwin Rogers 1838-1922 [NJBMTE239D]

                        Leander son of Edwin and Elizabeth Rogers Jan 16th 1859-Jan 25th 1912 [NJBMTE240D]



                        Edith Mitchell Rorke 1914-1959 [NJBMTE157A]



                        Caroline E. L. Ross 1874-1967 [NJBMTE258C/259C]

                        Edward M. Ross 1870-1958 [NJBMTE258C/259C]



                        Anna Rudderow Aug 1802-Aug 1890 [NJBMTE213C/215C]

                        Elizabeth B. Rudderow (dates illeg.) [NJBMTE341C]

                        Emeline Rudderow daughter of Samuel and Anna Rudderow Feb 5th 1825-March 16th 1861 [NJBMTE213C/221C]

                        Henry G. Rudderow son Samuel and Anna Rudderow July 2nd 1844-Dec 17th 1880 [NJBMTE213C/220C]

                        John S. Rudderow 1828-1899 [NJBMTE224C]

                        Mary Ann Rudderow 1840-1902 [NJBMTE223C]

                        Samuel Rudderow son of John and Jerusha Rudderow March 17th 1793-Feb 22nd 1851 [NJBMTE213C/214C]



                        James M. Sankey Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE316D]

                                        Inscriptions include:               

                                                        -James M. Sankey July 4th 1812 died April 17th 1896

                                                        -Rebecca W. Sankey wife of James M. Sankey born Oct 25th 1827 died March 21st 1894



                        Harry W. Schwartz Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE71A]

                                        Inscriptions include:                       

                                        -Harry W. Schwartz 1896-1989

                                        -Ruth W. Schwartz 1898-1991



                George Thomas Seckel Dec 23rd 1854-Aug 24th 1918 [NJBMTE397D]

                Joanna Todd wife of George Thomas Seckel Nov 23rd 1859-July 2nd 1926 [NJBMTE396D]

                        Mary Virginia Seckel daughter of George Thomas Seckel and Joanna Todd  May 2nd 1883-May 10th 1927 [NJBMTE395D]



                        Edythe Marie Shinn 1906-2005 [NJBMTE272D]



                        Edward William Shippen March 18th 1848-March 20th 1848 [NJBMTE137A]



                Ann Slim “Our Mother” wife of Thomas L. Slim Feb 9th 1815-Dec 5th 1894[NJBMTE242D/244D/246D/247D]

                Ann Slim died September 1st 1868 aged 39 years [NJBMTE289C/29C]

                        Annie Slim “Our Sister” July 24th 1856-March 21st 1902 [NJBMTE241/244B]

                        Beulah Ann Slim died May 13th 1880 in her 74th year [NJBMTE296D]

                        Catherine Slim died Dec 16th 1917 aged 80 years [NJBMTE291C/293C]

                        Hannah Slim died December 23rd 1891 aged 92 years [NJBMTE297D]

                        Hannah Slim [NJBMTE31A]

                        Hannah Slim 1847-1938 [NJBMTE33A]

                        Joseph R. Slim born 1843 died ? illeg. [NJBMTE34A]

                        Mary Slim Jan 27th 1798-May 22nd 1849 [NJBMTE28A]

                        Peter Slim died August 31st 1853 aged 21 years [NJBMTE286C/293C]

                        Peter H. Slim died December 20th 1890 aged 86 years [NJBMTE288C/293C]

                        Peter H. Slim family plot [NJBMTE293C]

                        Rachel Slim died 1862 [NJBMTE295D]

                        Rachel Slim Jan 21st 1829-Oct 23rd 1888 [NJBMTE290C/293C]

                        Rebecca Slim 1816-1908 [NJBMTE298D]

                        Rebecca Slim died Nov 27th 1923 aged 88 years [NJBMTE292C/293C]

                        Samuel Slim Sr. died March 1817 in the 58th year of his age [NJBMTE32A]

                        Samuel Slim Jr. Dec 13th 1805-April 26th 1867 [NJBMTE30A]

                        Sarah wife of Peter H. Slim died Oct 5th 1858 aged 56 years [NJBMTE287C/293C]

                        Sarah Slim July 10th 1806-November 6th 1865 [NJBMTE29A]

                        Slim family plot [NJBMTE405B]

                        Thomas L. Slim “Our Father” Jan 2nd 1809-July 22nd 1896 [NJBMTE243D/244D/245D/247D]



                        Ellen T. Lake Snyder Oct 23rd 1858-March 22nd 1953 [NJBMTE283D]

                        Henry R. Snyder Sept 16th 1854-April 1st 1900 [NJBMTE284D]

                        William H. Snyder Machine Gun Co.  311th Infantry Sept 30th 1893-Oct 3rd 1918 [NJBMTE282D]



                        Anna F. wife of Walter Souder April 30th 1843-Nov 14th 1870 [NJBMTE24A/25A]

                        Walter Souder April 10th 1834-December 29th 1892 [NJBMTE26A]



                Howdard Sowden Aug 29th 1876-Jan 15th 1941 [NJBMTE330B]



                        George Edmund Spencer July 13th 1857-April 28th 1861 [NJBMTE152A]

                        John Edward Spencer M.D. Dec 20th 1848-July 26th 1874 [NJBMTE152A]

                        John J. Spencer M.D. Aug 18th 1792-April 6th 1867 [NJBMTE150A]

                        Sarah Lang Spencer Feb 12th 1809-May 24th 1873 [NJBMTE151A]



                        William R. Stackhouse 1870-1938 [NJBMTE336D]



                        Charles Steffen born May 8th 1820 died June 29th 1880 [NJBMTE271C]



                Emma Stevenson 1895-1988 [NJBMTE394D]

                        William B. Stevenson III 1934-1997 [NJBMTE360D]



                        Edwin Watts Stiles Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE161A]

                                        Inscriptions include:                       

                                        -Edwin Watts Stiles 1906-1975

                                        -Natalie Priest Stiles 1906-2004



                Anna Maria Stokes March 4th 1921-Feb 22nd 1983 [NJBMTE136A]

                Anne J. Stokes Nov 5th 1844-Nov 28th 1903 [NJBMTE103A/104A]

                        Elizabeth Stokes July 4th 1811-Nov 5th 1885 [NJBMTE103A/113A]

                        Elizabeth Kempton daughter of Horace and Helen Stokes (date obscured & buried) [NJBMTE226C]

                        Emma Stokes  Sept 28th 1814-July 15th 1900 [NJBMTE103A/112A]

                        Florence Spencer Stokes wife of Samuel Evans Stokes 1847-1929 [NJBMTE367B]

                        Frederic C. Stokes 1853-1903 [NJBMTE103A/111A]

                        H. Newlin Stokes 3rd died Sept 5th 1821 [NJBMTE344D]

                        Hannah H. Stokes Sept 3rd 1801-Sept 19th 1883 [NJBMTE103A/108A]

                        Helen Stokes Oct 16th 1859-Sept 4th 1954 [NJBMTE227C]

                        Helen D. Stokes July 12th 1866-Nov 2nd 1957 [NJBMTE347D]

                        Hooton W.  Stokes Feb 11th 1911-Sept 20th  1984 [NJBMTE136A]

                        Horace Stokes "Entered into life Sept 6th 1900 aged 41 years [NJBMTE227C]

                        James M. Stokes Feb 26th 1883-March 7TH 1930 [NJBMTE133A]

                John H. Stokes M.D. Feb 25th 1808-Jan 20th 1873 [NJBMTE103A/106A]

                        J. Spencer Stokes M.D. October 4th 1842-Sept 18th 1868 [NJBMTE103A/107A]

                        John Spencer Stokes 1884-1966 [NJBMTE369D]

                        Mary Hooton Stokes Feb 12th 1881-Dec 19TH 1955 [NJBMTE133A]

                        N. Hewlin Stokes Jr. Oct 6th 1856-Dec 3rd 1921 [NJBMTE346D]

                        Samuel Evans Stokes Oct 3rd 1846-Nov 12th 1910 [NJBMTE367D]

                        Tabitha J. Stokes Jan 25th 1815-Aug 15th 1884 [NJBMTE103A/105A]

                        Viola W. Stokes Jan 31st 1852-May 24th 1938 [NJBMTE103A/110A]

                        Wilhelmina V. Stokes (buried with 3 infants) Oct 29th 1858 -July 15th 1943 [NJBMTE379D/380D]



                        Isaac H. Strickland died May 29th 18?? [NJBMTE222C]



                James H. Strong Family Memorial Stone [NJBMTE192C-wide angle/193C-detail front/194C-detail side 2/195C-detail side 3]

                                        Inscriptions include:

                                -Erastus Strong 1856-1856

                          -George B. Strong 1818-1855

                                        -Harper Strong 1850-1850

                                        -Henry C. Strong 1848-1856

                                        -James Strong (no dates)

                                        -James H. Strong S. 1820-1874

                                        -James Strong Jr. 1854-1856

                                -Jedediah Strong 1787-1853

                                        -Mary L. Strong 1825-1903

                                        -Sarah C. Strong 1785-1856



                William Symmons Family Stone [NJBMTE300D]

                                        Inscriptions include:

                                        -Ellen A. Symmons 1861-1945

                                        -Harriet Symmons 1825-1869

                                        -William Symmons  1834-1906



                        Henry Hobart Tallmadge IV 1918-1973 [NJBMTE386B]



                        Rev. Thomas Tanser (date illeg. )[NJBMTE9A/406B]



                Adele A. Tatum (no dates) [NJBMTE97A/98A]

                Betsey C. Tatum May 22nd 1806-March 1st 1875 [NJBMTE54A/59A]

                        Charles Tatum (no dates) [NJBMTE97A/98A]

                        Elizabeth Tatum Dec 20th 1837-Jan 25th 1920 [NJBMTE58A/59A]

                        Emily J. Tatum June 10th 1845-March 21st 1880 [NJBMTE57A/59A]

                        Rebecca S. Tatum died April 19th 1853 in the 13th year of her age [NJBMTE56A/59A]

                Samuel Tatum Sept 8th 1806-Feb 1st 1872 [NJBMTE53A/59A]



                        Anne Thornton July 15th 1841 died April 13th 1843 [NJBMTE12A/16A]

                        Henry Connelly Thornton Aug 31st 1837 died Sept 4th 1838 [NJBMTE12A/14A]

                        Mary Camilla Thornton Aug 13th 1829-Nov 25th 1832 [NJBMTE12A/13A]

                        Mary Catherine Thornton April 22nd 1839-Sept 23rd 1839 [P12/15A]

                        Samuel Cary Thornton Sept 26th 1830 died April 10th 1888 [NJBMTE20A/21A]

                        Susan Hulda Sagehorn Thornton Nov 9th 1843-Oct 25th 1894 [NJBMTE20A/21A]

                        William Thackara Thornton Dec 26th 1835-Jan 13th 1836 [NJBMTE12A/13A]



                Clement W. Tilden Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE392D]

                                        Inscriptions include:

                                        -Clement W. Tilden 1876-1963

                                        -Eleanor Y. Tilden 1877-1952



                        David A. Tomlinson 1950-1978 [NJBMTE333B]



                        John A. Trask Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE27A]

                                        Inscriptions include:

                                        -John A. Trask 1825-1915

                                        -Mary de R. Trask 1840-1924



                Anna Spencer Stokes Truitt Sept 28th 1883-Nov 27th 1936 [NJBMTE372D]

                R. Marshall Truitt Nov 29th 1876-Feb 18th 1965 [NJBMTE371D]



                        Roger T. Tucker U.S. Army July 29th 1935-Jan 4th 1999 [NJBMTE274D]



                Harriet T. Turner 1845-1927 [NJBMTE289D]

                        John Turner Jan 1st 1789-Dec 1st 1873 (fought in the war of 1812) [NJBMTE144A]

                        Joseph S. Turner 1811-1889 [NJBMTE285D]

                        Phoebe Ann Turner 1818-1862 [NJBMTE286D]

                        Rebecca Turner 1843-1861 [NJBMTE287D]

                        Rebecca Turner died 1852 [NJBMTE143A]



                        William T. Turpin Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE318C]

                                        Inscriptions include:

                                        -Mary A. Turpin died Dec 6th 1921 aged 89 years

                                        -William T. Turpin Co. E 24th Regt NJ Vols died Feb 1st 1918 aged 90 years [NJBMTE318C]



                        Curtis Vansciver died Dec 27th 1880 in the 24th year of his age [NJBMTE228C]

                        James Vansciver (dates illeg.) [NJBMTE230C]

                        Walter Vansciver April 1st 1859-Sept 27th 1883 [NJBMTE229C]



                        Mary S. Venable died July 7th 1876 in the 83rd year of her age [NJBMTE74A]

                        Mirriam Venable died July 26th 1873 in the 87th year of her age [NJBMTE73A]

                        Rebecca Venable died August 14th 1841 in the 50th year of her age [NJBMTE72A]



                        Arthur B. Voorhees 1893-1978 [NJBMTE328C]

                        Eleanor Knight Voorhees 1889-1889 [NJBMTE329C]

                        Emily Knight Voorhees 1860-1920 [NJBMTE329C]

                        John Rue Voorhees 1860-1958 [NJBMTE329C]

                        Margaret C. Voorhees 1897-1992 [P328]

                        Ruth Knight Voorhees 1891-1892 [NJBMTE329C]



                        Frances A.B. Walton March 22nd 1857-May 15th 1946 [NJBMTE203C/206C]

                        Henry D. Walton Jan 1st 1859-Aug 21st 1946 [NJBMTE202C/206C]

                        Henry P. Walton March 7th 1827-Sept 4th  1905 [NJBMTE205C/206C]

                        Lydia T. Walton wife of Henry P. Walton Nov 12th 1828-July 10th 1915 [NJBMTE204C/206C]

                        Walton Family Plot [NJBMTE206C/207C]



                Elizabeth R. Waters Macpherson 1854-1937 [NJBMTE237C]

                        Mary Raymond Waters 1856-1915 [NJBMTE236C]



                Anna Weld daughter of Rev. H. Hastings Weld and S. Adeline Wright Born in Boston Mass March 2nd 1837

                                                Died in Moorestown, NJ Jan 17th 1886 [NJBMTE373D]

                        Helen S. Weld Heulings wife of Albert C. Heulings Aug 25th 1919 [NJBMTE356D]

                        Mary Oliver Weld 1834-1855 [NJBMTE377D]

                        Rev. Horation Hastings Weld S.T.D. born in Boston, Mass Feb 4th 1811

                                                Died in Riverton, NJ Aug 27th 1888 [NJBMTE374D]

                        S. Adeline Wright (1st) wife of Rev. H. Hastings Weld 1812-1845 [NJBMTE377D]



                        Cornelius J Weyman aged 51 years [NJBMTE124A]

                        Martha M. widow of Edmund H. Weyman 6.9.1819-8.4.1906 [NJBMTE123A]



                        Thomas G. Whitney Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE276D]

                                        Inscriptions include:

                                        -Edith H. Whitney 1900-1982

                                        -Thomas G. Whitney 1903-1973



                        Anna Cordingley Wiley March 23rd 1855-Dec 26th 1939 [NJBMTE120A]



                        Herberton Field Williams Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE10A]

                                        Inscriptions include:

                                         -Herberton Field Williams April 2nd 1907-Feb 20th 1977

                                        - Jean Innes Nelson Jan 22nd 1914-April 22nd 2001


                        Herberton Lee Williams Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE11A]

                                        Inscriptions include:

                                        -Herberton Lee Williams Aug 15th 1867-Nov 24th 1951

                                       -Pauline F.R. Williams Oct 24th 1874-Dec 10th 1961


                        Kathleen Donohue Williams July 2nd 1934-Nov 9th 2002 [NJBMTE407B]



                        Barbara Smelzer Willing April 18th 1928-Jan 21st 1985 [NJBMTE294D]



                        Edward Wills 1828-1916 [NJBMTE95A]

                        Elizabeth French Wills April 4th 1825-June 6th 1896 [NJBMTE94A]



                Cora Irene Shaw wife of Joseph R. Wilson and daughter of Thomas Shaw of Shawmont, Phila b. Dec 14th 1868

d.  April 8th 1961 [NJBMTE254C]

                        Joseph R. Wilson Sept 6th 1866-Feb 1st 1957 [NJBMTE253C]



                        Benjamin Wiltshire 1816-1884 [NJBMTE100A]

                        Elizabeth Wiltshire 1827-1880 [NJBMTE99A]

                        George F. Wiltshire 1886-1896 [NJBMTE102A]

                        Joseph A. Wiltshire 1883-1885 [NJBMTE102A]

                        Joseph R. Wiltshire 1863-1915 [NJBMTE101A]

                        Mary A. Wiltshire 1862-1947 [NJBMTE101A]



                Charles H. Wing Husband/Wife Stone [NJBTE332B]

                                        Inscriptions include:

                                        -Charles H. Wing 1905-1976 [NJBMTE332B]

                                        -Constance C. Wing 1908-1984 [NJBMTE332B]



                        John Wolcott Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMTE345C]

                                        Inscriptions include:

                                        -John Wolcott 1917-2000

                                        -Margaret Pearce Wolcott 1917-1983



                        Howard L Wright Lt US Navy WWII Dec 1st 1918-June 3rd 1977 [NJBMTE378D]

                        S. Adeline Wright (1st) wife of Rev. H. Hastings Weld 1812-1845 [NJBMTE377D]



                        Bella M. Young 1841-1935 [NJBMTE392D]

                        Eleanor Y.  Tilden 1877-1952 [NJBMTE392D]

                        James L. Young died Nov 17th 1897 aged 50 years [NJBMTE393D]                    

                        Maud A. Young 1870-1940 [NJBMTE392D]



                        Doris M. Zmirich 1928-2003 [NJBMTE338B]





                Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors.  -Dr. Jonas Salk