Moorestown Baptist Churchyard

Moorestown/Old Chester Twp., Burlington Co., New Jersey




        George A. Albany Family Stone [NJBMB103]

                                    Inscriptions include:

                        -Alma L. Albany 1877-1940

                        -George A. Albany 1872-1951

                                  -Laura V. Albany 1866-1937



            Laura A. Beatty  Jan 15th 1878-April 14th 1930 [NJBMB57]



            Helen M. Bennett Feb 15th  1932-March 11th 1983 [NJBMB143]



            Margaret wife of William Best who departed this life Sept 11th 1843 aged 67 years “The spirit is not dead tho

                        low the body lies she is from sin and sorrow fled to dwell beyond the skies.” [NJBMB169]



            Susan Blackwood Dec 1795-April 14th 1876 [NJMB68/70]

            William H. Blackwood Co. A 3rd Battalion NJ died April 21st  1890 aged 53 years [NJBMB68/69]



            Isaac Bozearth Family Stone [NJBMB199]

                                    Inscriptions include:

                                    -Emma Bozearth (no dates on stone)

                                    -Georganna Bozearth (no dates on stone)

                                    -Harry Bozearth (no dates on stone)

                                    -Isaac Bozearth 1835-1903

                                    -Louis Bozearth (no dates on stone)

                                    -Mary Ann Bozearth 1841-1903



        Abbie W. Brown 1873-1921 [NJBMB210]

            Charles M. Brown 1844-1929 [NJBMB40]

            Evan B. Brown Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMB209]

                                    Inscriptions include:

                                    -Elizabeth M. Brown Oct 14th 1832-March 12th 1910

                                    -Evan B. Brown May 30th 1828-Nov 21st 1914


            Horace H. Brown 1870-1925 [NJBMB211]

            William H. Brown Family Stone [NJBMB65]

                                    Inscriptions include:

                                    -Annie E. Brown 1839-1924

                                    -Clotild Brown 1866-1874

                                    -Gertrude Brown 1875-1876

                                    -William H. Brown 1839-1923



            Sarah Ann Davis wife of William Burdsall (no dates on stone) [NJBMB81]

            William Burdsall died Feb 14th 1908 aged 93 years [NJBMB82]



            John L. Burns 1827-1913 [NJBMB37]

            Sallie N. Burns 1842-1920 [NJBMB36]



            Aaron R. Burr son of Aaron E. and Sarah S. Burr [NJBMB35]



            Marietta H. Buzby (no dates on stone) [NJBMB106]

            Thomas Buzby died Jan 27th 1900 aged 69 years [NJBMB15]

            William Buzy Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMB103]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -Catharine A. Buzby 1825-1918

                            -William Buzby 1825-1898



            Elizabeth wife of Samuel Carson April 1843-Jan 12th 1871 [NJBMB170]



        Harry Collins Family Plot [NJBMB187-Harry/188-Elizabeth/189-C. Russell/191-Harry D.L./192-wide angle]

                            Inscriptions include:

                   -C. Russell Collins “Our Son” Nov 1st 1912-Aug 10th 1940

                            -Elizabeth wife of Harry Collins June 22nd 1878-July 14th 1947

                            -Harry Collins Sept 6th 1877-March 14th 1949

                            -Harry D.L. Collins “Our Son” May 24th 1906-Jan 3rd 1938



            Henrietta S. Conover wife of Samuel Conover 1835-1910 [NJBMB44]

            Samuel Conover 1833-1911 [NJBMB43]



            Emma wife of Dr. Isaac Cooper died March 21st 1876 aged 36 years [NJBMB236]



            Lizzie J. Danser Sept 23rd 1862-May 5th 1892 [NJBMB202]



            James Davis Family Plot [NJBMB83-Rebecca/84-James Jr./85-Martha/86-James Sr./89-wide angle]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -James Davis May 23rd 1837-June 3rd 1901

                            -James Davis died March 5th 1856 aged 49 years            

                            -Martha Davis (no dates on stone) aged 10 years 5 months and 10 days

                            -Rebecca E. Davis wife of James Davis Nov 4th 1812-Feb 11th 1907


            Joseph Davis born Oct 27th 1836 died Feb 13th 1895 [NJBMB134/136]

            Sarah Ann Davis wife of William Burdsall (no dates on stone) [NJBMB81]



            Edward Deacon (dates illeg.) [NJBMB166]



           John Duckham “Father” of Tiverton Devonshire England Nov 29th 1900-Aug 17th 1879 [NJBMB247]                         

            Susan Duckham “Mother” of Chard Somersetshire England Nov 6th 1798-June 12th 1889 [NJBMB246]



            Hannah A. Dudley died Dec 7th 1886 [NJBMB32]

            Thomas Dudley died Sept 23rd 1892 [NJBMB31]



            Emma daughter of G. and A. Dubel died June 1860 [NJBMB51]

            Margaret wife of Michael Dubel May 30th 1821-June 1890 [NJBMB42]

            Michael Dubel March 13th 1823-May 24th 1900 [NJBMB41]




             Albert Ellis Sr. 1892-1970 [NJBMB226]

         Anna Ellis 1880-1948 [NJBMB176]

              Bowman M. Ellis 1860-1929 [NJBMB173]

              Ethel Ellis 1890-1891 [NJBMB173]

              Hillman Ellis Family Stone [NJBMB3]

                                                Inscription includes:

                                                - Elizabeth Ellis 1829-1860

                                                -Hillman Ellis 1790-1857

                                                - Phebe Ellis 1790-1879

                                                - Sarah S. Ellis 1831-1908


                 Howard Ellis 1884-1948 [NJBMB172]

                  Levis Ellis Husband/Wife Stone [NYBMB1]

                                                Inscription includes:     

                                                -Levi Ellis “Father” 1822-1900

                                                -Mary Ellis “Mother” 1818-1901


                   Mary L. Ellis wife of B. Frank Ellis Nov 3rd 1853-July 23rd 1896 [NJBMB11]             

                   Mary Mutchler Ellis 1887-1956 [NJBMB226]


                   Samuel H. Ellis Family Stone [NJBMB5]

                                                Inscription includes:

                                                - Anna Eliza Ellis  1828-1890

                                                - Bertha Ellis  1857-1858

                                                - C. Hillman Ellis 1853-1863

                                                - Emma Ellis 1851-1929

                                                - Samuel B. Ellis 1869-1879

                                                -Samuel H. Ellis 2nd Lieut. Co. E 4th Regt. NJ Vols.  1824-1891


                        Sarah S. Ellis [NJBMB6/8/10]

                        Sarah T. Ellis 1864-1947 [NJBMB173]



            Annie 1841-1926 [NJBMB225]

            Jacob Force dates illeg. [NJBMB223/224]

            Mary wife of Jacob Force died Aug 3rd 1879 aged 67 years “Asleep in Jesus” [NJBMB222/224]



            Ella N. Franke wife of Theodore P. Franke (no dates) [NJBMB137/138/139]

            Jesse N. Franke (no dates) [NJBMB140]

            Theodore P. Franke husband of Ella N. Franke (no dates) [NJBMB137/138/139]



            George L. Frazee 1850-1911 [NJBMB23]



            Bertha A. Furter wife of Charles F. Pleat March 24th 1897-April 11th 1921 [P5060071]

            Harold H. Furter Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMB74]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -Harold H. Furter 1905-1998

                            -Irene Furter 1918-2003


            William H. Furter Family Stone [NJBMB73]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -Mary A. Furter 1873-1945

                            -Oscar Furter Aug 30th 1900-Aug 11th (date obscured)

                           -William H. Furter 1868-1951



        Elizabeth W. wife of Thomas Gillette Sept 22nd 1840-July 13th 1917? [NJBMB20]                                                          

           Thomas Gillette Oct 9th 1843-Feb 17th 1909 [NJBMB21]

        William F. Gillette Husbad/Wife Stone [NJBMB16]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -Fannie Gillette 1871-1938

                            -William F. Gillette 1867-1954



            Mary Goodenough born 1790 died 1871 in her 82nd year [NJBMB165]

            Sarah Goodenough “Mother” died Dec 2nd 1895 aged 67 years [NJBMB158/161]

            William Goodenough “Father” died May 15th 1896 aged 74 years [NJBMB159/160]



        Esther M. Gorham 1818-1901 [NJBMB213]

            Lottie L. Gorham died Jan 13th 1885 aged 60 years [NJBMB28]



            Catharine wife of Sebastian Greenwald Dec 9th 1844-Aug 13th 1905 [NJBMB75/78]

            Elizabeth A. Greenwald  1811-1860 [NJBMB77/78]

            Sebastian Greenwald 1840-1886 [NJBMB76/78]




            Asa Haines Sr. Family Memorial [NJBMB61/62/63/64]

                        Four photos include:

                        - Abraham P. Haines Jan 20th 1862-Jan 25th 1862

                        -Asa Haines Sr. Co. D 118th Regt. PA Vols died Sept 5th 1917 aged 81 years                                             

                                                -Asa J. Haines Jr. June 2nd 1878-April5th 1881

                                                - Grant L. Haines May 14th 1870-Nov 16th 1875

                                                - Lettice P.  Haines Feb 26th 1860-Feb 28th 1860

- Philip A. Haines Sept 17th 1872-July 15th 1873

- Sarah J. Haines June 30th 1835-June 4th 1915


                        Charles H.K. Haines 1880-1931 [NJBMB150]

                        Deborah Haines wife of William Haines born Aug (stone illeg.) [NJBMB67]

                        Elizabeth E. Haines Nov 4th 1824-June 2nd 1913 [NJBMB66]

                        Howard M. Haines 1873-1918 [NJBMB151]

                        Jeremiah Haines “Father” 1848-1933 [NJBMB152]

                        Sarah Emma Haines “Mother” 1847-1930 [NJBMB152]

                        Sarah J. Haines departed Aug 22nd 1936 “With Christ which is far better” [NJBMB203]

                        William W. Haines Nov 22nd 1811-Nov 9th 1903 [NJBMB66]



        James Heal Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMB25]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -James Heal 1832-1890 Corpl Co. G. 40th Regt.  NJ Vols.

                            -Martha A. Heal 1842-1929



            Charles Henry Co. D. 25th Regt. NJ Vols born March 1st 1841 died Dec 3rd 1879 [NJBMB79]

            Eugene Henry Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMB80]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -Eugene Henry 1871-1925 [P5060080]

                            -Lillian Henry 1878-1910 [P5060080]



        Ann Heritage wife of Daniel Heritage Jr. died 1860 [NJBMB240]

            Daniel Heritage Jr. husband of Ann Heritage born March 1783 died March 16th 1857 [NJBMB239]



        Joseph A. Hogan Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMB56]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -Alice nee Pierson 1908-1986

                            -Joseph A. Hogan 1907-1983



            Louise K. Hoover (dates buried) [NJBMB101]



        Isaac Hunter Family Plot [NJBMB125-detail Ann/126-detail Isaac/127-detail Willie/128-wide angle plot]

            Ann Eliza wife of Isaac Hunter “Mother” born Jan 4th 1824 died Dec 23rd 1906

            Isaac Hunter “Father” (dates nearly illeg. /Dec 1821-Dec 1906?)

            Willie Hunter (stone nearly illeg./died June 1869?) aged 7 years & 7 mos.



        Edward Patrick Hyland Family Stone [NJMBM164]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -Carrie E. Hyland Dec 11th 1885-April 27th 1968

                            -Edward Patrick Hyland March 29th 1886-Dec 21st 1942

                            -Emma Hyland died July 3rd 1910 aged 7 months. 



        Charles S. Idell Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMB46]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -Charles S. Idell Oct 13th 1851-Jan 7th 1875

                            -Elizabeth E. Idell April 22nd 1850-March 9th 1919



            Annie E. Jackson wife of William A. Jackson Jr. died April 23rd 1888 aged 45 years [NJBMB33]

            Harry Jackson died August 7th 1865 [NJBMB34]



        Benjamin Jones (stone nearly illeg.) [NJBMB253]

            Hannah H. Jones 1827-1885 [NJBMB90]   

            Martha Jones 1804-1895 [NJBMB252]



        William H. Kain Family Plot [NJBMB92-wide angle/93-detail Mary/94-detail Jane/95-detail William]

                            Inscriptions include:

                        -Jane E. Kain 1821-1861

                            -Mary E. Kain 1851-1902

                   -William H. Kain 1829-1857



        Samuel Kelly Husband/Wife Plot [NJBMB52-detail Samuel/53-detail Elizabeth/54-wide angle plot]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -Elizabeth W. wife of Samuel Kelly died Jan 11th 1873 in the 61st year of her age

                            -Samuel Kelly died March 14th 1875 in the 63 year of his age



        Thomas Kimble Family Plot [NJBMB116-Charles/117-Martha/118-Unknown/119-Hannah/120-Thomas/212-wide angle plot]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -Charles H. Kimble Nov 21st 1841 died Oct 13th 1873 “Charlie”                            

                            -Hannah Kimble “Mother” Jan 17th 1813-Nov 7th 1883

                            -Martha A. Kimble Feb 26th 1843-Oct 16th 1866

                            -Thomas G. Kimble “Our Father”  May 3rd 1808-May 14th 1888

                            -Unknown Male Kimble (stone illeg.)



            Isaac L. King 1847-1910 [NJBMB88]

            Rebecca J. King 1844-1916 [NJBMB87]



            Hannah Kupple March 7th 1825-Jan 18th 1902 [NJBMB251]



          George Leworthy Aug 28th 1825-March 3rd 1893 [NJBMB171]



           Mary L. Venable Luckenbach Sept 21st 1848-Feb 28th 1912 [NJBMB30]



          Amy Malone died March 13th 1888? (stone difficult to read) aged 57 years [NJBMB123]

               John Malone Co. E 3rd NJ died June 12th? 1893? aged 63 years [NJBMB124]

          John P. son of John Malone died May 8th 1852 aged 24 years [NJBMB122]



            Emma A. Marter died Sept 14th 1911 aged 82 years [NJBMB102]



            Ephriam T. Mead Co A. MD Vols died 1901 [NJBMB256]

            Isabella M wife of E.T. Mead died 1900 [NJBMB257]



        Benjamin Morgan Husband/Wife Plot [NJBMB243-Benjamin/244-Caroline/245-wide angle plot]

            Benjamin Morgan “Father” born 1823 died 1896

            Caroline wife of Benjamin Morgan born 1824 died 1856



        Anna C. Mason wife of E. Cooper Mason born June 15th 1880 died Dec 25th 1818 [NJBMB112]

            Howard Mason Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMB110]

                            Inscriptions include:

                        -Florence Mason 1903-1981

                            -Howard Mason 1906-1968


            Marion L. Mason 1900-1965 [NJBMB111]



            John Middleton dates obscured by ivy [NJBMB200]



            Martha wife of Samuel N. Moore March 15th 1827-Sept 13th 1908 [NJBMB50]



            William H. Mortland Sr. March 17th 1872-March 18th 1942 [NJBMB167]



            Mary B. Morton 1860-1938 [NJBMB193]



        Edwood Mount Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMB180]

                            Inscriptions include:

                        -Elwood Mount 1900-1957

                            -Florence Alice Reeves Mount 1903-1981



        Anna B. wife of David A. Murphy born Jan 25th 185? (other dates illeg.) [NJBMB190]

            David A. Murphy Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMB57]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -David A. Murphy Jan 1st 1855-Dec 27th 1934

                            -Laura A. Murphy Jan 15th 1878-April 14th 1930



        Louis Nottnagel Husband/Wife Plot [NJBMB47-wide angle/48-Mary/49-Louis]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -Louis Nottnagel Jan 27th 1797-May 28th 1862

                            -Mary Nottnagel May 20th 1816-Feb 1867



            Martha J. Nuckols 1883-1971 [NJBMB38]

            Yeamans G. Nuckols 1880-1954 [NJBMB39]



        Caroline Parker Haines 1882-1976 [NJBMB145]

            Jesse W. Parker Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMB144]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -Jesse W. Parker “Father” husband of Sara R. Parker (no dates)

                            -Sara R. Parker “Mother” wife of Jesse W. Parker (no dates)



        John Perkins Family Plot [NJBMB234-Anna/235-John/236-Emma/237-Mary/238-wide angle plot]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -Anna Perkins died May 25th 1871 aged 74 years

                            -Emma wife of Dr. Isaac Cooper died March 21st 1876 aged 36 years

                            -John Perkins died March 19th 1886 aged 85 years

                            -Mary Perkins 1769-1870



            Georgie R. Pierson wife of W.P. Pierson born Nov 30th 1854 died Dec 30th 1879 [NJBMB163]

            Joseph C. Pierson Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMB55]

                            Inscriptions include:

                                            -Ella M. Pierson 1885-1962

                                            -Joseph C. Pierson 1879-1951


            Rachel Pierson wife of John Pierson born April 24th 1831 died Oct 12th 1860 [NJBMB153]



        Paul S. Pike Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMB194]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -Anna M. Pike 1887-1952

                            -Paul S. Pike 1897-no date



            Bertha A. Furter wife of Charles F. Pleat March 24th 1897-April 11th 1921 [NJBMB71]



        Jack Kerbaugh Powell 1921-1979 [NJBMB99]

        Rebecca R. Powell 1863-1925 [NJBMB98]

            Wilkins R. Powell 1830-1902 [NJBMB96]

            Wilkins R. Powell Jr. 1892-1918 [NJBMB97]



        George Reeves Family Plot [NJBMB179-George/180-Florence/181 & 182-Edward/183-Alice/184-Sophia/185-Josiah/186-wide angle]

                            Inscriptions include:

                        -Alice Reeves Aug 18th 186?-(other dates buried)

                            -Edward son of George and Alice Reeves (dates buried)

                   -Florence Alice Reeves Mount 1903-1981

                            -George H. Reeves born Jan 19th 1858 died 1920

                            -Josiah son of Samuel and Rachel Reeves (dates nearly illeg.)

                            -Sophia B. widow of Josiah Reeves born 1820 (other dates illeg or buried) 



        Jesse Rickey Husband/Wife Plot [NJBMB113-Jesse/114-Mary/115-wide angle plot]

                            Inscription includes:

                   -Jesse Rickey died April 7th 1889 aged 65 years

                            -Mary Rickey died April 10th 1889 aged 63 years



        Mathias Sutherland Family Stone [NJBMB201]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -Lizzie daughter of M.K. & L.H. Sutherland died Dec 10th 1875 aged 6 years

                            -Louisa H. Sutherland 1847-1933

                           - Mathias K. Sutherland Co C. 11th Regt. IIL Vols died April 22nd 1907aged 66 years



            Martha wife of Joseph W. Tippenhower born 1845 (other dates illeg.) [NJBMB227]



            Mary P. (daughter of Anna and John Vanderveer) dates illeg. [NJBMB231/233]

            John Vanderveer Family Plot [NJBMB228-John/229-Ann/230-Charles/232-wide angle]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -Ann Vanderveer died Nov 2nd 1867 aged 69 years 7 mos and 22 days

                            -Charles F. Vanderveer died Feb 4th 1864 aged 26 years 10 mos and 17 days

                            -John Vanderveer died Jan 26th 1859 aged 83 years 4 mos and 20 days


Van Sciver

            Asa Van Sciver Jan 30th 1821-June 23rd 1886 [NJBMB130]

            Dillwyn L. Van Sciver son of Asa and Margaret Van Sciver died 1871 aged 24 years [NJBMB131]

            John son of Margaret and Asa Van Sciver (dates illeg.) [NJBMB132]

            Margaret E. wife Asa Van Sciver Nov 29th 1824-Oct 13th 1893 [NJBMB129]



            George W. Venable born Nov 10th 1811 died April 18th 1890? [NJBMB29]

            Marissa C. Venable March 1860-June 1884 [NJBMB27]

            Marissa M. Venable 1826-1907 “Asleep in Jesus” [NJBMB26]



            Sarah Waits died July 12th 1905 aged 82 years [NJBMB14]



            Eliza Ann Wells May 12th 1805-March 26th 1879 NJBMB220/221]

            Keziah Wells June 15th 1784-Aug 14th 1856 [NJBMB219/221]



        Thomas F. Wilkinson Husband/Wife Plot [NJBMB58-Hannah/59-Thomas/60-wide angle plot]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -Thomas F. Wilkinson Aug 5th 1869-Dec 18th 1922

                            -Hannah I. Wilkinson March 23rd 1872-July 5th 1959



        Samuel Wisham Daughters' Stone [NJBMB215]

                            Inscription includes:

                            -Louisa Wisham (dates illeg.)

                            -Margaret Wisham (dates illeg.)


            Samuel Wisham Husband/Wife Plot [NJBMB216-Samuel/217-Elizabeth/219-wide angle]

                            Inscriptions include:

                            -Elizabeth wife of Samuel Wisham departed this life Dec 20th 1845 aged 36 years                            

                            -Samuel Wisham born Sept 10th 1802 died Feb 1st 1871  in the 69th year of his age



          Aaron Wood (stone neatly illeg.) died in the 63rd year of his age [NJBMB175]



          Emma M. Woodhouse “Daughter” died May 19th 1922 aged 68 years [NJBMB157]




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