Jacob’s Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Churchyard

Elbo Rd. Mt. Laurel, Burlington Co., New Jersey


Jacob’s Chapel Cemetery, formerly known as Colemantown Negro Cemetery, was established circa 1811 as one of New Jersey’s oldest African American burial grounds.  Land for the church and cemetery was deeded to the A.M.E. congregation by Albert Jacob, a local Quaker.  Members of the black regiments of the Civil War and Dr. James Still are buried here.




            May E. Anderson Aug 7th 1928-Feb 21st 1999 [NJBMLJC80-wide angle/81-detail]



            Elizabeth Bennett 1810-1896 [NJBMLJC75]



                Catherine B. Bounds July 3rd 1890-Sept 16th 1941 [NJBMLJC118]



                James Bowers (born MD/husband of Rebecca Bowers) Co. H 30th Regt. US Colored Troops (Enlisted March 10th 1864 as Sergeant.

Mustered out Dec 10th 1865.  Fought June-Aug 1864 in Petersburg, VA.  Jan-Feb at Fort Fisher, Federal Point & Sugar Loaf

Hill, NC) died Oct 13th 1900 aged 56 years [NJBMLJC14/16-detail]



                Laura V. Bowman died 1963 (no other dates or age visible) [NJBMLJC53-wide angle/54-year detail]



            Sarah Brown (wife of Robert Brown) died Jan 27th 1909 aged 73 years [NJBMLJC28]



                Addie Bryant (wife of Robert Bryant) 1874-1939 [NJBMLJC110]



                Susie A. Campbell June 14th 1880-April 17th 1980 [NJBMLJC78]



            John Francis Driver New Jersey Pvt. Pioneer Inf. (Civil War) died Aug 1926 [NJBMLJC91-wide angle/93-detail/95-fine detail]



                Henrietta Eldridge (wife of William Eldridge) died April 27th 1908 aged 69 years [NJBMLJC25]

                Isaac Eldridge (son of William & Henrietta Eldridge) died April 15th 1920 aged 51 years [NJBMLJC83]

                William Eldridge (husband of Henrietta Eldridge) died April 9th 1900 aged 66 years [NJBMLJC71/72-obscured view]



            Peter French (husband of Estella French) 1868-1944 [NJBMLJC90]



            Chalkey Gaines Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMLJC19]

                                Photo includes:

-Chalkey Gaines (son of David & Mary Gaines/husband of Rachel Gaines) 1880-1922

-Rachel Gaines (wife of Chalkey Gaines) 1881-1961


David A. Gaines (husband of Mary Gaines) 1843-1921 [NJBMLJC 24]

David Henry Gaines Sr. Rev. (son of David & Mary Gaines, wife Lizzie, daughter Nelly, son Clinton, nephew, James Hamilton) April 28th 1869

-April 11th 1965 [NJBMLJC7]

                Emma Ora Gaines March 8th 1921-Aug 14th 1985 [NJBMLJC66]

Robert F. Gaines (son of George & Cordelia Gaines) Jan 12th 1879-April 3rd 1947 [NJBMLJC11]

William H. Gaines (son of George & Cordelia Gaines) 1859-1945 [NJBMLJC12]



                Mary A. wife of John Gray 1819-1900 [NJBMLJC30]



            Eliza Green born March 17th 1797 died April 11th 1849 aged 52 years & 24 days [NJBMLJC8]



                Harriet Harriston 1870-1955 widow of John Harriston [NJBMLJC45-wide angle/46-detail]

                John Harriston (b.NC/husband of Harriet Harriston) Co. D 550th ENG died July 17th 1934 aged 43 years [NJBMLJC82]



                Emma J. Hawkins (born MD/daughter of Edward & Susan Hawkins) died Jan 14th 1903 aged 43 years [NJBMLJC17]

                Susan Hawkins (born MD/wife of Edward Hawkins) died March 15th 1909 aged 78 years [NJBMLJC26]



                Alberta M. Henson (daughter of Roy & Gertrude Henson) born 1917 died June 20th 1932 [NJBMLJC21]



            Florence E. Muse-Hudson (daughter of Charles & Hattie Muse) March 7th 1918-Sept 11th 1995 [NJBMLJC48]



            Eleanor G. Hunter  (daughter of William & Viola Still) June 19th 1915-June 9th 1994 [NJBMLJC55]



                Emma E. Still-Hymon Dec 15th 1936-Oct 15th 1993 [NJBMLJC70]



                Henry Jenkins son of Richard & Esther Jenkins [NJBMLJC4-full/5-detail]



            Stephen Johnson died Nov 16th 1876 in the 71st year of his age [NJBMLJC35]

                Timothy Johnson Co. F. 20th Regt. U.S. Colored Infantry died March 31st 1919 aged 74 years [NJBMLJC23]



                Anna Eliza Lopeman (wife of James Lopeman) died April 22nd 1910 aged 64 years [NJBMLJC96]

                James L. Lopeman (son of Charles & Matilda Lopeman/husband of Anna E. Lopeman) Co. F 127th Regt. US Colored Troops

                                died Feb 2nd 1918 aged 73 years [NJBMLJC107]



                Charles M. Kimbrough New Jersey Pvt. Vet. Hosp. 21 WWI Sept 8th 1887-Oct 25th 1967 [NJBMLJC44]



                Addie McKim (wife of Richard McKim) May 26th 1894-May 18th 1878 [NJBMLJC65]

                Esther M. wife of Oscar McKim (date & age illeg.) [NJBMLJC116]

                Joseph S. McKim (husband of Margaret AKA Martha McKim) born March 18th 1847 died March 10th 1926 [NJBMLJC89]

                Lola McKim (daughter of Joseph & Margaret McKim) born Feb 7th 1898 died May 14th 1910 [NJBMLJC97]

                Richard McKim (son of Joseph & Margaret McKim/husband of Addie McKim) New Jersey Pvt. 322 Butchery CO QMC WWI 

                            Feb 6th 1893-April 10th 1970 [NJBMLJC64]



            Isaiah Mott (husband of Emma Mott) Aug 22nd 1873-July 27th 1923 [NJBMLJC84]



            Florence E. Muse-Hudson (daughter of Charles & Hattie Muse) March 7th 1918-Sept 11th 1995 [NJBMLJC48]

                Maggie E. Muse age 2 years & 10 mos. [NJBMLJC43]            

                Mary A. wife of Isaiah (Isaah) Muse died July 22nd 1899 in her 46th year [NJBMLJC74]

                Permelia wife of George Muse born 1846 (no other date or age visible) [NJBMLJC41]



                Thomas Norton son of Lathie & John Norton Born Nov 26th 19--? Died March 25th 193-? Aged 16 years [NJBMLJC124]



            George H. Robinson (son of Henry & Mary Robinson) Co. F 45th Regt. NJ Vols. died Jan 24th 1924 aged 84 years [NJBMLJC86]

            Leslie H. Robinson Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMLJC47]

                                Photo includes:

                                -Leslie H. Robinson (son of Charles & Henrietta Robinson) 1902-1955

                                -Mary E. Robinson (wife of Leslie H. Robinson) 1903-1995



            Arthur Rodwell Feb 17th 1884 [NJBMLJC121-wide angle/122-detail]



                Alberta W. Rowan Nov 9th 1941-Sept 6th 1989 [NJBMLJC68]



                Katie Sharp died Dec 15th 1913 aged 27 years [NJBMLJC22]



            Hannah J. Slaughter (wife of William Slaughter) born Dec 2nd 1847 died May 13th 1924 [NJBMLJC87]

                Sylvester Slaughter Landsman USS (no dates or age visible) [NJBMLJC88]



            Harriet Smith died Nov 19th 1906 aged 75 years [NJBMLJC117]

            Henrietta L. Smith (granddaughter of James & Henrietta Still) age 1 year & 13 days (see James Still M.D.)

            James S. Smith July 30th 1902-Nov 14th 1983 “Grandson of Dr. James Still Black Doctor of the Pines”  [NJBMLJC56-wide angle/57-detail]

            John S. Smith Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMLJC18]                                                                                               

                                Photo includes:

                                -John S. Smith (husband of Mary A. Smith) 1888-1960

                                -Mary A. Smith (wife of John S. Smith) 1889-1930

                John T. Smith Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMLJC42]

                                Photo includes:

                                -John T. Smith Sr. June 30th 1913-Jan 16th 2001

                                -Evelyn M. Smith Aug 20th 1920-Sept 29th 1992



                Pauline Amelia Spruel July 16th 1946-June 29th 1994 [NJBMLJC99]



                James H. Stevenson 1856-1931 [NJBMLJC123]



            Catherine A. Still March 24th 1913-Jan 10th 1992 [NJBMLJC69]

            Eleanor G. Hunter (daughter of William & Viola Still) June 19th 1915-June 9th 1994 [NJBMLJC55]

            Ellen Still 1890-1958 [NJBMLJC50]

                Elsie Wood Still Feb 1st 1894-Dec 18th 1930 [NJBMLJC119]

                Emma E. Still-Hymon Dec 15th 1936-Oct 15th 1993 [NJBMLJC70]

            Florine Still 1931-1993 [NJBMLJC40]                    

                James Still M.D. Family Plot & Stone [NJBMLJC58-plot photo/59-new family stone/60-old family stone/61-detail top/62-detail bottom]

                                Photos include:

                                -James Still M.D. born April 9th 1812 died March 9th 1882 “There is therefore no condemnation to them which are in Jesus Christ”

                                -Henrietta Still, wife of James Still born Oct 19th 1814 died April 18th 1888 ‘Thus it becometh us to fulfill all righteousness” 

                                -Angelina Still (daughter of James & Henrietta Still) born Jan 26th 1844 died June 22nd 1896 “And so shall we ever be with the Lord”

                                -Henrietta L. Smith (granddaughter of James & Henrietta Still) age 1 year & 13 days


                John Still (husband of Ellen H. Still) 1869-1961 [NJBMLJC51]    

                John A. Still Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMLJC77]

                                Photo includes:

                                -James A. Still Sept 18th 1891-Aug 21st 1978

                                -Edith H. Still Nov 7th 1892-Feb 15th 1986


                Morris Still (son of John & Ellen Still) April 4th 1893-Aug 21st 1970 [NJBMLJC52]

            Myrtle T. Still 1897-1989 [NJBMLJC39]

            Samuel Still (husband of Sophia Still) Feb 26th 1807-April 28th 1875 [NJBMLJC32]

                Samuel G. (son of John & Annie Still) Still Oct 4th 1880-Nov 10th 1867 Nephew of Peter Still M.D. [NJBMLJC33]

                Samuel James son of Jacob & Mary Ann Still died Jan 18th 1871 aged 2 years 3 mos. & 19 days [NJBMLJC34]

                Sophia Still (wife of Samuel Still) died Feb 23rd 1868 aged 50 years [NJBMLJC31]

                William Still Husband/Wife Stone [NJBMLJC63]

                                Photo includes:

                                -William Still July 26th 1894-Dec 22nd 1978

                                -Viola V. Still June 20th 1894-Oct 4th 1969



                Keziah Tillman (b.NJ abt. 1795/no dates or age on stone) [NJBMLJC101-individual stone/103-photo w/Susan Tillman’s stone]

                Susan Tillman (no dates or age) [NJBMLJC102-individual stone/103-photo w/Keziah Tillman’s stone]



                Louella May Warrick Feb 14th 1929-Feb 9th 1996 [NJBMLJC79]

                Ralph F. Warrick April 26th 1952-Feb 24th 1992 [NJBMLJC37]



                Ellie Virginia Wesley died Dec 28th 1877 aged 23 years [NJBMLJC36]

                Samuel son of William & Catherine Wesley born March 31st 1887 died March 25th 1908 [NJBMLJC125]

                William H. Wesley (husband of Catherine Wesley) born Oct 27th 1863 died Jan 10th 1909 [NJBMLJC126]



                S. Laura G. White April 7th 1917-April 11th 1986 [NJBMLJC67]