Family Burial Grounds


Route 9N Greenfield Twp., Saratoga Co., New York



Wilcox-Allen Family Burial Ground

3.7 Miles North of Greenfied Town Hall



          Daniel Allen (son of Zilpha and Mosses Allen) died July 11th 1854 aged 22 years [NYSGWA17-wide angle/

                        18-medium distance/20-detailed]

            Fanny Allen (daughter of Zilpha and Mosses Allen) died June 3rd 1860 aged 37 years [NYSGA17-wide angle/

                        18-medium distance/19-detailed

            James Allen (husband of Susannah Allen) no dates-headstone only [NYSGWA24]

          Mosses Allen (husband of Zilpha Allen) died Sept 16th 1869 aged 77 years [NYSGWA13-wide angle/


            Susannah wife of James Allen died 1849 [NYSGWA22-detailed/23-wide angle/24-with headstone of

                        James Allen]

          Zilpha Allen wife of Mosses Allen died Oct 11th 1848 aged 55 years [NYSGWA13-wide angle/15-detailed]



Deborah Wilcox (daughter of Benjamin Russell & Hannah Allen/wife of Tylee Wilcox) died June 17th 1815

aged 75 years [NYSGWA11-detailed/12-wide angle]

Tylee Wilcox (son of Stephen Wilcox & Mary Thomas/husband of Deborah Russell) died March 17th 1809

aged 68 years [NYSGWA11-detailed/12-wide angle]




Burnham-Edwards Family Burial Ground

1.3 Miles North of Greenfield Town Hall



          Eddy Burnham (husband of Mary Burnham) died June 24th 1840 in the 75th year of his age [NYSGBE22/23]

            Mary Burnham (wife of Eddy Burnham) died Aug 5th 1839 aged 75 years [NYSGBE22/24]



            Anna M. daughter of Wm. & Henrietta Colony died June 28th 1850 AE 11 mos. [NYSGBE45]



            Edmund Deuel (son of Patience Milk & Jonathan Deuel) died Feb 27th 1829 [NYSGBE28/29]

            Harvey T. son of Stephen & Asha Deuel (buried in Maplewood Cemetery, S. Corinth, NY) died Jan 29th 1849

                        Aged 10 years 9 mos & 25 days [NYSGBE38]



          Abiah (nee Strickland/daughter of David Strickland & Lois Beedle) wife of Capt. Nathaniel Edwards

died Jan 20th 1813 aged 72 years [NYSGBE33/37-detailed]

          Capt. Nathaniel Edwards born at Waterbury, Conn 1736 died at S. Corinth, NY 1825 “Served in the French &

Indian War 1757 to its close.  Entered Revolutionary War. Taken prisioner at Fort Washington Nov 16th 1776

 Was exchanged Oct 30th 1780.  Served with the Connecticut Troops in NY State.” [NYSGBE32]

            Capt. Nathaniel Edwards (husband of Abiah Strickland) departed this life March 2nd 1825 in the 87th year

                        of his age [NYSGBE33]

            Hannah L. daughter of John & Sarah Edwards died July 24th 1841 AE 10 years 6 mos & 26 days [NYSGBE43]

            Isaac Edwards (son of Abiah Strickland and Capt. Nathaniel Edwards) died Feb 1848 [NYSGBE40]

            Mary R. wife of William Edwards died Dec 11th 1849 [NYSGBE41]



            Betsey wife of William Jones departed this life Nov 21st 1823 aged 37 years [NYSGBE31